GELP New Zealand is the 12th global convening of the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership. The programme’s overarching theme, Building future learning systems, will further advance work on education system innovation and transformation from previous GELP events.

GELP NZ Key Themes

The GELP NZ convening will focus on three themes that are critical to building future learning systems: 

  • What learning is for: a focus on ways of knowing and what is worth knowing informed by indigenous/First Nation perspectives, the growing diversity of our populations and the needs of society and economy.
  • The shared responsibility for learning: co-ownership of learning outcomes through collaboration between education systems, local communities and new partners.
  • Innovative learning environments: new models for learning, new pedagogies, digital learning and the educator workforce for the future.


The GELP NZ Programme is interactive. It draws on, shares and contributes to the leading edge practice of GELP partners including global thought leaders, education systems, global networks and organisations who are all committed to providing an education to young people that is relevant and responsive to 21st century learners and society.

The GELP NZ Programme is structured around exploring the three event themes through:

    • New Thinking: global thought leaders will present their current work around the event themes
    • Learning Labs: plenary interactive sessions will explore education system progression of event themes and invite input and critique of new thinking
    • Workshops: GELP participants will present their current work progressing event themes
    • Consultancies: GELP participants will invite GELP colleagues to provide input into their emerging work to build future learning systems.

A programme of study visits to sites of education excellence in and around Auckland on 25-26 November will be designed to share and analyse what New Zealand is currently doing to address the three GELP NZ themes.

Programme Outline

GELP NZ Handbook

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