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GELP shares the journeys of countries around the world as they travel from the education systems they have now, to the education systems they want, and need, to best equip their students and their nations for the future. GELP provides thought leadership and shares the tools and processes education system leaders are using to transform education systems worldwide.

Over six years GELP has created the most powerful alliance of global education leaders committed to transforming learning systems to meet the needs of learners in the 21st century. GELP has convened in the USA (New York City, Seattle & San Francisco), Canada, China, Republic of Korea, Finland, Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa.

GELP includes participation from education system leaders from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Finland, India, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, South Africa, USA, Spain and the United Kingdom.

GELP is also a ‘network of networks’. It brings together education leaders, social entrepreneurs, business, politics and civil society. It works with like-minded international organisations, including the Centre for Education Research and Innovation (OECD), Brookings Institute, Asia Society and the Global Cities Education Network, Asia Education Foundation, Centre for Curriculum Redesign (Harvard), and Global Education Futures (Russia) to name a few.

For an overview of GELP work see the GELP book, Redesigning Learning Systems: Shaping Learning Systems Around the Globe.

GELP is an initiative supported by the Innovation Unit UK in collaboration with OECD CERI. GELP is partnered by the Ellen Koshland Family Fund.

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